Salut mes amis!

Salut mes amis!
Hello my dear friends!

After needing a couple of weeks longer than I thought in order {to plant happiness},
nothing expresses better the sum of my recent experiences & feelings,
than this quote spoken by the wise lips of the {Little Prince}
{all the quotes here}

L'essentiel? mais oui, c'est invisible pour les yeux....
On ne voit bien qu' avec le couer

if there is anything I learnt,
it is this:
                    *** the essential is invisible to the eye ***
                     *** we only see clearly with the Heart ***

or better... I should say felt deeply instead of learnt,
cause sometimes {learning} is associated with a simple
"follow the instructions & then do" attitude,
which.... well... is everything but the {essence}.

so dearests,

first of all, it's trully delightful to be writing again on these pages
and I can't thank you enough {mmmm, perhaps I got some ideas in my mind though ;)}
for your care, support & loving messages you left here and sent in my mailboxes while
I was away planting happiness...
I mean while I was moving us from home A to home B,
keeping my faith and patience when so many things went the wrong way...

had it not been for so many things having gone wrong though,
how could I be having the pleasure of sharing 
life stories with you?

see my point? ; )

will do so, step by step,
taking you with me sharing pictures, feelings, thoughts & endless inspiration.

Till then though, I share with you {the treasury curated a couple of days ago}
as I am slowly returning to my work.

A bunch of 16 choices I'd more than gladly incorporate in our new home,
which you will also most probably enjoy,
as we share similar taste for you to be reading these lines

{click on "via" below to be taken to the collection and then each item separately}

Enjoy and from me,
a warmhearted smile,
shot yesterday after a dancing/ exercising session which lifted my spirits up 
{apart from other parts of my body ; )}

... while listening to this fabulous lady's  tracks 
btw... you got to adore the sheep & the spider in this clip!

Je vous aime beaucoup!

bisus xxx


  1. I'm so glad that you are back :). Welcome! I've missed your inspinring posts.

  2. I'm so happy, that you're back and so from the bottom of my heart the warmest 'welcome back', I'm able to give :)
    Right the moment, I read your newest lines, I noticed how much I actually missed your post and your inspiration ... and so I really, really look forward to the happiness that's growing from the seed you planted the last weeks ;) I'm so very sure, that it will have already now a huge and wonderful crown with amazing blossoms in the most beautiful colours of all the inspiration they carry, with the gentle scent of love, leaves to breath the beauty in to melt it with the warmth of your heart and help to transform it into new inspirational thoughts and ideas.
    I'm very excited to see, how the crown looks like in detail but I know it will be a delight to have a look it and breath it's beauty in.

    Have a very lovely day and then of course a really nice start in very happy, brillant and amazing 2012.

    Love. Lysann xxx

  3. Welcome back. I want to see soon your new home !!!

  4. I missed you and your inspiring posts already a lot!
    Nice to have you back,

  5. Welcome back, Iro!! Great having you here again more regularly!! Can't wait to see and read more! Filakia, Igor

  6. It's so good to have you back :-)
    I missed your lovely posts ...


  7. While checking my mailbox, I was thinking about you : I missed your lovely inspiring posts for about 2 months... hoped you were fine... decided to send you a few words... and A THE SAME MOMENT, your newsletter came in !!! So glad to hear from you again ! J'aime beaucoup ton style Ivy. Je te souhaite une très belle année 2012, avec plein de projets créatifs. BISOUS de France

  8. just so that you know, you make me so h a p p y and so m o v e d with your comments my dear friends... and as strange as it may sound, I can only consider you to be friends, real friends, despite knowing us little if hardly any at all.

    One is certain, you feel me & at the same time you connect to me strongly.

    Thank you so much for that! Merci beaucoup pour ca! Sandra, bisous a France aussi! :) xx

    Baci to Italy
    Besos to Spain
    Küsschen to Germany

    Have a wonderful New Year my friends!

  9. Welcome back Iro! I can feel your happiness through this post and a perfect way to start my online day. Je te souhait une bonne journee souriante!! :)

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