planting happiness ~

 am wondering whether getting away with just few words is possible...
 knowing that lots of you here appreciate my communicative nature,
it seems hard to be coming here to make "simple" posts and go...

 still, it will have to be the case for some future posts,
 cause there is so much of my time & energy directed
 in designing our new living space to be,
 that I feel the need to come and post here
 sometimes saying few words if any...

 I would just not like that you feel that I'm cheating on you...
 in the meantime, I start getting prepared to be sharing some facts about the new home
little by little

so, this simple collage put together above,
is a little story on its own.

... these baby aloe vera plants, are not just any aloe plants
but the "children"of very productive parents,
or else the first aloe plant I bought for the second apartment,
that I was renting on my own back in 2004 - 2006 in Greece

in the meantime, they adjusted wonderfully in my parents' new apartment
while endlessly growing an expanding.

now let's hope that these baby immigrants will adjust to the German climate ; )

on another notice,
how would you like popping by Ikea Family Live's site,
and reading the latest post I prepared?
I'm so happy to be sharing my thoughts with you
through blogging posts there, too!
today it's all about

 and then unless you have already done so,
 wonderful Holly from decor8 has written
one fabulous post on
 "Authentic Interiors" and was so kind into including 
our current home as an example
with these pictures...

am beyond honored and happy ...

hope your days were nice 
 your weekend will be an even nicer one!

kind regards you all ~
pop by and say hello when you can, would you?


  1. love what you do..keep growing :) xo

  2. Your home is so gorgeous. Tranquil and beautiful.

  3. Dear Ivy,
    You are amazing, I simply love your style and I'll surely come back to visit. Thsi time I just wanted to leave a quick hello.


  4. Dear ivy, your blog is so great that I am regularly therefore unto thee have I given a Blogaward, look at that time over! Www.jasminmita.blogspot.com

  5. are you already over to your new home??

  6. wow..love love love those pics!!!!

  7. These are adorable!!! i love them because they are so easy to care for!

  8. very very cute! such a gr8 idea!!


  9. Very nice and it is a dilemma balancing busyness of life and wanting to share blog-style. Your home looks beautiful and thank you! I love your blog, which I just stumbled upon recently.

  10. hello ivy, how is the moving going? lots to do?
    hope all is well, good luck! :-)

  11. Sending you lots and lots of love.....xx

  12. I really love these pictures. The colours are amazing... they remember me the collection of doors "Goldie", created by Sige Gold. Do you know it?

  13. Is everything okay? I miss your lovely posts...

    Sending you a huge hug <3
    Nina xx

  14. Hello friend!

    I miss you! in the blogworld How are you?
    Hugs, Annaleena

  15. ♥ ♥ ♥
    Warm regards to you all my dear blog friends°
    looking forward to posting here again, as much as visiting my favorite blogs!
    ... so far, plantting happiness has proven to be a long process, with many suprises on the way ;)
    As time passes by, I'm setting up home here in our new abode.
    Take care & be well, xxx Iro - Ivy

  16. what a nice things to hear some news from you:)

  17. Lovely blog...thanks so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower :)

  18. Hello Iro! Hope you are fine! Miss you posts soooo much!