32 + 1 reasons for a Friday to love ~

 Hello everyone!
   currently having only but little time to devote to posting here,
  I thought that wishing you all a happy Friday
  would a be a fine thing to do...
  that it can actually make up for my usual extensively
  communicative posts ; )

  in the meantime:
  -> find the link to the above collection / treasury here
  -> find more of the treasuries / home decor inspiration curated by me
  here & there
 -> don't miss the fantastic give aways organized by the new
  -> give a helping hand to this Cancer Fund Raiser action ending tonight
 -> find some of my current news shared here a while ago
 -> and indulge yourselves in one of the most amazing places ever,

I'll try to organise my days this way, so that there is a little time for posting
every short now & then, despite the current busyness!

see you around lovely all ~ 


  1. Hello Ivy! I have discovered you and your blog thanks to your lovely friend Ilaria from IDA Interior LifeStyle. Your blog is gorgeous and inspirational and I look forward to following your posts on a regular basis. Keep up the great work! Love, Holly (www.lovethomas.blogspot.com)

  2. Just just found you and am ADORING reading your blog!!!!! Gorgeous work!!!!