staying in ~ the new going out

 hello again everyone, on this since just a little while, rainy Tuesday afternoon...

  our fresh vegetable soup is being cooked and is almost ready,
  to be served right after this post is written

   hope you are all well
 thanking you a lot {smiles!} for your warm response on yesterday's post.

 ... among designing our new home & sorting out things
  to be carefully packed for our upcoming movement,
 I took a little break today for only but a quick
 stroll on the inspiring, virtual corridors of etsy.

 I'm clearly flirting with grey since a long time now,
 {find here a relative post on "grey happiness"}
 especially after being infatuated with 
{this lady's}  fabulous use of it in her 

quite possibly, some doses will be found in our new living space,
but no firm decisions are made before a first,
shiny and bright as fresh snow, white coat has been 
"worn" on the walls.

about this time next week though,
some progress will have taken place
and then will be the time for final decisions.

in the meantime,  I wanted to share with you,
these recent finds gathered above,
{for details & prices click here}
while emphasizing
the very often heard & talked about view on new modern life,

"staying in is the new going out"

here are few of my thoughts on the matter:

~ staying in can provide opportunities to learn more about ourselves,
as it is often the case that by going out,
we simply avoid coming into close contact with 
ourselves & our family

~ no no, there is nothing wrong in going out and enjoying
nature or the pleasures of a delicious cooked meal,
tasty coffee in cozy & inspiring environments.
In fact , it is great!
Still, it is simply another thing to go out as a choice,
and another to go out in order to avoid
domestic life.

~ there is no doubt that a nurturing home adds to the quality of our life,
by adding to enjoying our sleep,
relaxing in the bathroom,
cooking homemade meals,
setting the table,
interacting with our loved ones,
reading our favorite books in our cozy corners,
listening to our favorite music,
to mention but a few

all can be experiences worthwhile,
when taking place
there where we can call home

what about you my dears?
how do you feel about staying in?
besides the obvious financial gains,
what other positive attributions can you make?

and most of all, does your current home inspire you for staying in?

looking forward to hearing form you!
the soup is ready...

time to set the table and light up some candles... 

enjoy your evenings!

... might be stealing away some time 
tomorrow for a little post & connecting with you ; )


  1. Yes, my home is my Home, so I enjoy staying in, enjoying the warm blanket the house can cover me with, feeling the love that surrounds me, being happy here and now.
    x Iris

  2. Staying in has definitely become the new going out for me for some time. I think it must have something to do with the lovely company I have here ;) And even though we are living in a temporary home and nothing is really how I would have it ... I still feel very comfortable here. It definitely feels like home.

    Beautiful treasury!

    Did you see the rain just before?! I was quite surprised by it.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments...will reply in due time ;) I'll probably call you tomorrow...

    - big fat virtual hug!

  3. love it!! motto of my life :)
    I like what you said about learning about yourself. after all, if you can't live with you… who can you live with? so important to get to know who you really are! happy thursday to you my dear!

  4. Iro, I am so happy you brought this up! I am with you! We had fall vacation and so many people went for a trip. We had a staycation and stayed in comfy clothes, cuddled on the sofa in cozy blankets with tea and treats and books and sometimes some crafting. We had such a wonderful time together and felt immensely relaxed after a week. It is so important to let go of all the busy-ness in life. I tend to stay more and more at home with my family to see things differently and not be so distracted all the time. it really lets you focus.
    Thanks for bringing this up!